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PH Hospitality Services was founded with the aim of:

  • Supplying businesses in the Hospitality Sector
  • Providing a hub for businesses to procure their service and product needs
  • Providing operational support for businesses in the hospitality sector
  • Hassle free ordering system
  • Multiple product/service offerings in one system
  • Saves time and money
  • Identifies new sources of revenue

In October 2010, Tony Pitts and Tony Herra decided to make a fresh start and combine their extensive knowledge, experience and skills to form a new company, PH Hospitality Solutions.

PH Hospitality Services was founded by Tony Pitts and Tony Herra to enable hospitality establishments increase their efficiency, reduce their costs and allow them to prosper in these difficult economic times. Their combined experience covers all areas of the hospitality industry from the kitchen to the manager's office